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JAD grew up in Canada, the son of a farmer; and a mother that was from a circus family. Their imprints remain with him and can be seen clearly in his Art and Installation.

The land taught him the forces of nature, and the lingering Circus about Art, Performance and the madness of Man.

He left the farm to pursue the Theater and found himself in New York City where he lived for many years. Here, he divided his time between a private practice in psychology, esoteric studies and his artistic pursuits.

During this time he slowly moved from Performance Art to Visual Art.

JAD has another face, the face of the Scribe. He has written several books on topics ranging from Psychology to Esoteric Science Fiction. Have a read. He will take you down the rabbit hole of reality as he explores, with keen interest, the interaction between the reality of nature and the non-reality of humans.

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