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For me, life is the journey towards integration of spirit and matter. 

We face this unresolved conflict within ourselves and attempt to find resolution. Our culture skates on the surface of this issue but the deeper parts of us demand we address the conundrum of our existence.


Through my art and installations I explore this challenge.

tmatric PROCESS.png

The Studio is where it all happens. There are so many things to do and so many different functions to perform. Where does the art come from?  


It arises from somewhere deep inside and this quiet place is often secretive. You have to earn access to it. Every artist has their way. For me, research is vital. 

I notice that before I begin a new series, direction comes from my environment and begins to guide me. Synchronicity calls forth series of events and images that dictate. When the offered information is digested; direction is set and I research the components of that direction. This research includes the context of the work, the materials used and how the work aligns with my artistic impulse dedicated to the exploration of the interaction of spirit and matter.


After a time I find myself alone in the studio with what I have gathered and that is when the fun begins. You have an idea. Does it work; do the materials agree? 

In the beginning a lot goes in the garbage. The materials are ruthless. They do not usually do as you wish and have their own minds about things. If you listen to their spirit, they will direct you and eventually, peace comes and the art arises.


Ah, now you have the art. You are done. No you are not. Now you must mount it, box it, catalogue it and market it. While you are doing all this the whisper begins again in your depths and wakes you in the night with tantalizing images that, should you pay proper homage, you may be able to emulate and bring forth to the light of day. So it goes.


And now I must get back to the Studio. 

tmatrix EXHIBITIONS.png


      February:  Dom Vetro Studios, Los Angeles, California

      New Work:  Plastic



      November:  Palazzo del Consiglio Regionale della Toscana, Florence, Italy

      New Work:  Gemilus



      July:      The Studio: Accademia D’Arte, Florence, Italy

      New Work:  Quantum Graffiti



      September: KAOS Berlin, Germany

      Solo Show: 00 / 01   No Information / Information


      March:     Vila Curonia, Florence, Italy

      Solo Show: Isometric


      April:     Vila Curonia, Florence, Italy

      New Work:  The Eye of God


      January:   Pitti Imagine Uomo, Fortezza Da Basso, Florence, Italy

                 Elder Jumper Into Fields


      November:  Academia D’Arte, Florence, Italy

      New Work:  Elder Jumper Into Fields


      August:    Associazione Intercultruale: Working with the World, Prato, Italy

      New Work:  Orgasmic Abstraction

      June:      Baglioni Hotel, Florence, Italy

      New Work:  64 Plus 2

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