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The world we have lived in throughout our history, and particularly since the end of World War II, is over. The climate is shot, the economy is shot, the environment is shot and the social fabric is shot. All the programs in your brain running your life originate in the historical time zone that created all these disasters. 


It is a programming that is archaic, dead and irrelevant. Forget history except as an interesting read in the Fiction section. It is not going to repeat itself and if it does you are extinct, we are all extinct.  The solution is to reveal your Source: your real self. 


You have an unfounded belief that you have the power to manifest at will. You cannot manifest anything except what your programs tell you.


To manifest you need to have the power to do so and you don’t have this power at your disposal. It is locked away from you, by your programming. It is in your Source.  


It is time to rediscover your Source.

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